Birthdays and Other Parties

My birthday arrives again tomorrow so as I remember past celebrations I'm reminded of my Mom and her "to-do's". Did your mom make a big deal of birthdays when you were a kid? Mine sure did; which means of course, birthdays have always been a day set aside in my mind for whooping it up. Always the frugal one, mom arranged a backyard circus theme party for me one year. She even issued ride and prize "tickets" at the end of the driveway as guests arrived at the party along with homemade ice cones. I don't have specific recall of all the day's activities, it was alas too many years ago now, but I do remember the residual feeling ... which was one of exhausted exhilaration at the end of the day. If a mom can accomplish that, I guess she's done her job well.

I've always remembered her sharing the secret with me to any successful party ... and she hosted many of them. She said at one of my older brother's birthdays, a little friend of his tugged at her skirt for attention and asked, "When is the party going to begin?" She realized Bill had opened gifts and guests had engaged in several party games but she hadn't SERVED REFRESHMENTS! There you have it, a best hint of the day.

If you need help with the cleaning before or after your next celebration, give us a call at 940-566-MAID. We love to help you keep that party feeling after the guests have left.