Clean Reflections is a proud affiliate of Cleaning for a Reason; the purpose of which is to DIRECTLY benefit women who suffer with breast cancer and are undergoing treatment. I think we've now all been directly or indirectly touched by this hideous disease. I myself had a brush with it five years ago and what I learned was how easy it is to be identified AS the diesease rather than me with an illness to bear. People tend to look at you as breast cancer ... not Sharon (in my case). It was a wierd experience and one I doggedly determined to overcome. I would not tell anyone new that I met that I had the disease and at that time I travelled all across the U.S. on weekends as a consultant to women's pregnancy centers. Ironic, wasn't it? My daughter in fact told me one day that she would forget that I was struggling with it. We just didn't talk about it or dwell on it.

Prayer - lots of prayer, movies that made me laugh, upbeat talk around me, a healthy diet ... they all played a major role in keeping me from the pits of dispair during treatment and ultimately placed me on the road to health but my house still got dirty. I suspect most women are like me and feel ever so much better when they don't have to look at a dirty house they are too exhausted to clean. It's for that reason that we jumped on board when we learned there was a way we could help other women going through that. There are so many opportunities to contribute to research, but that somehow seems little comfort to the woman at home in bed. I hope this brings if not joy, at least comfort to the women we serve. If you know of anyone who is undergoing treatment who would benefit from a few free house cleanings, please contact the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation. You can access them through our website: https://www.cleanyoucansee.com. Click on the pink ribbon which will take you to the C4R website.