Customer Spotlight – Aldi

I haven't mentioned any of our customers by name, but Aldi deserves recognition. They operate a chain of grocery stores around the country although they are new to North Texas. What's unique about them is their concept of small town friendly service. Most of the grocery stores today seem to be going the opposite direction getting bigger and bigger. We did the new construction clean of the beautiful big Kroger store on Teasley Lane that opened just a few months ago and it is the largest of the three in Denton at 90,000 square feet! Now that's a lot of groceries. Aldi wants to keep it neighborhood market friendly. That just has some appeal, doesn't it? Their stores aren't yet built, but they are on the way so be on the lookout for them. Even in a down economy a good idea can find a home in the marketplace. It's the American way at its best.