The Donald

You might ask, "what was she thinking?" and that would be a valid question. I'm already running one successful business but I guess it's the call to a new frontier ... something a little challenging, new, exciting ... all that. And the fact that it's a company recently purchased by Donald Trump was a large incentive as well. He tends to make savvy business decisions you have to admit, regardless what you may think of him. In his own words in fact Donald says,"If you're going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think BIG." I like that and in these times, I say diversify if you can. Our 401k's aren't the nestegg they once were for sure.

This company previously marketed only to doctors' offices and medical professionals are not the easiest to convince, so I knew the products were top drawer and with Trump doing the marketing, how could I lose, right? If you're curious and who wouldn't be? Check it out at no obligation at I'd love to get your feedback after you view the short video there. Should you want to join me let me know, I'm always looking for good business partners. If you're interested in the Privia Test or customized for your system supplements, I can help you with that as well. We need to be clean on the inside just like our homes and office buildings, don't we?