The Extra

I caught my daughter on the phone this afternoon, waiting at home for her 11 year old son while the rest of her family went to dinner at their other Grandmother's house. When I asked where he was, assuming he was playing at a friend's house she said, "Oh, I guess you don't know about it." "It?"

It seems through a good friend of his who at this advanced age has aspirations of becoming a box office star, our grandson Joel was recruited to be an "Extra" in a new Traveler movie production Revenge of the Grasshoppers. It's being filmed on the campus of McKinney Christian Academy in McKinney, Texas about a 30 minute drive from Denton.

He hasn't gotten a big head from it as yet. He takes it all in stride as just a good excuse to spend time with his thespian friend. I hope that lasts. Fame is a heady potion. It's mighty good to know that wholesome family fare is in the works though. You can read more about the production at I'm all for supporting more of this type movie.