More Maxine on Housework

I thought about cleaning the house. But then
I thought, "What's the house done for me lately?"
Y'know, what we do isn't rocket science ... although the janitorial industry in general is really coming of age in terms of science and technology. We now have the option of using robotic equipment, electrolized water to sanitize, fancier and fancier floor machines that will multi task with one pass over the floor; for example, put water down, scrub and suck it back into a tank all at once. It is pretty amazing if you focus on it a moment. Nonetheless, it isn't rocket science, as I said, but it does require some training and a mindset to do it consistently and correctly. I guess that's why I so love Maxine. She determined early on that she didn't like housework, wasn't going to do it and made no bones about it. And these days you shouldn't have to, especially if you are the chief cook and bottle washer, income provider and possibly Mom or Dad on top of all that. To you, the battle scarred, freeway stressed, microwave set, I bring Maxine for a moment of levity. Laugh along.

Enjoy this latest Maxine installment along with me and put your feet up.