Aubergine, beautiful aubergine

Because I have my house cleaned every week, I can now focus on my achievements in the kitchen. I ordered a natural cookbook a few weeks ago having seen a segment on TV by the author. Because I want my husband and I to enter the 'golden years' in good health, I've been focusing more on organics and vegetables in cooking. Anyway, turns out the author is British. My roots are in Great Britain, in fact my grandparents landed here right off the boat, so I am grateful to the Brits for all they bring us. They do however, speak English a bit differently than do we. All measurements are in grams and liters ... so I Googled a conversion chart. Check, got that handled. Then flipping through the recipes I discovered some strange sounding food items. Ever hear of a "courgette"? Me neither. Back to Google. It's a zucchini; go figure. How about an "Aubergine" which I thought was a designer color. Well, it is that too, but it's an .... eggplant! That's a much prettier name than eggplant, isn't it?