Dirt by any name is still Dirt

Isn't it fun to secretly gloat over someone else's dirt? I hate to admit that I enjoy seeing the cracks in someone's beautiful facade but it's a sad fact of life. We all try for that perfection whatever it is to each of us but alas no one will ever achieve it. In fact, I had a speaking coach suggest that when speaking before a group publicly to NOT look perfect ... allow an uneven hem, a turned collar or whatever so that audience members would focus on that imperfection rather than on my stumbles in speech. Crafty, but I can't say I allow that intentionally. It's the same with our homes. I like a picked up, clean house as much as the next housewife but don't get so picky that you can't truly live in your own home. Our dear Maids and night crews encounter just a few fortunately, but they do encounter those homeowners and building managers who appear to have attained masters' degrees in complaining. It's off-putting to say the least. So here in the wake of Thanksgiving ... while we still live in the grandest nation on earth, let's BE thankful we can hire someone to do what we don't have time nor inclination to do ourselves and give one another some slack. Call Clean Reflections if you're the current clean up person and are sick and tired of spending your time mopping up after all the others in your home or office. "We don't cut corners, we clean them!" Visit us online at www.cleanyoucansee.com anytime.