Hearts and Flowers, Puppies and Kitties

We just passed a sweetheart's celebration ... Valentine's Day which I've always enjoyed. It's another opportunity to correspond with those dear friends we didn't get to at Christmas for one thing. And this year my sweetheart gets extra points for remembering to bring home a dozen long stemmed yellow roses with the sweetest card I think he's ever chosen for me.

Now that brings me to the house cleaning part. We all know that live flowers say "I love you" almost better than anything, but they do die and they drip in the process. I even resisted clipping off their stems of my beauties to draw more water because of the mess it makes while pulling them apart. Just keep in mind to place them on something that won't be harmed by damp babies breath buds or vase bottom. Pull out of the vase over the trash can when it's time to say goodbye to them and you're clean up will go much faster.

Other oddball things that go into the mix to create household dust would be: pet dander, soot from the fireplace and believe it or not dead skin cells (probably the biggest culprit) and of course just plain old dirt that seeps in when the door is opened or around windows not well sealed. Be sure to invest in placing a good scraper type fabric door mat at those well used entry doors. A good swipe of one's shoes over a mat goes a long way toward saving your floors from muddy scuffs.

I hope this helps. If you're still overwhelmed, give us a call. We're here to pitch in and help be it one time or on a regular basis. Our number is 940-566-MAID (6243). And all this applies to offices as well. My valentine to you!!