Earth Day

Saturday April 17th is Earth Day! What enterprising person thought that up? And how far we've come since Colombus' day in 1492. Back then we thought we'd fall off the earth if we wandered too far from home. Now we celebrate it in all it's roundness while wandering all over it's surface yet cautioning ourselves to not take it for granted. A good idea I think and we at Clean Reflections are in a unique position to be aware since we are in the what I affectionately call the "chemical warfare" business. That's why we use only environmentally friendly products with rare exception. It started from a purely selfish motive I admit. We became highly sensitive to some common products that had bleach in them. We noticed a burning sensation in our throats and worse yet, the following day breathing was labored and we experienced a general sense of malaise. Not good in a labor intensive business! We figured if they weren't good for us, then we didn't want to expose our customers to them either. So, enjoy and celebrate Earth Day in your own way. Never mix bleach with ammonia and always use chemicals in a well ventilated area. Better yet, let our experts show you how new fangled products and equipment can customize a cleaning program for your home.