Spring has definitely Sprung

I heard from our daughter in Idaho today that it is SNOWING there! Not so in Texas ... at least for two weeks now. We did have a strangely late snow for one whole day in March and that was after some of the shrubs and trees had started putting on buds. We survived it though and it's now more like business as usual -- WARM. A good time for cleaning out one's garage (which we need to do in the worst way) or take care of touch up painting around the house (also something on my list) or just a plain old deep Spring cleaning. That means baseboards, pulling furniture away from the wall ... and might as well rearrange the contents of the room with those coaster-like slides while you're at it ... dust the ceiling fans, clean under, around and behind all things normally neglected; the treadmill, the television, the top of the fridge, the lint-y utility room and on it goes.

A friend of mine suggested Spring Cleaning is a hoax perpetuated on already overly busy women. I guess to keep us "off the streets and out of the pool halls" as my now deceased character of a father-in-law often joked. Who knows? But spring does inspire me to get up and DO more than any other season of the year. Perhaps with the greening of the trees and shrubs, and the first peek of the sun, I am motivated to think I can do it ... the days are longer.

If you however, still can't bring yourself to think about piling one more task on your shoulders, I hear and I understand. Give Clean Reflections a call. We can come only once or regularly ... whatever helps you the most. It's an easy number to remember too: 940-566-MAID! Happy spring to you!