The Magic of Service

My daughter (also a business owner) and I were lamenting the fact that service in business seems to be a dying practice. For instance, my office phone line was slammed about three months ago by a carrier that provides my cell phone service. When I called to cancel it, they BLOCKED any outgoing long distance calls from my number! How incredibly foolish of them. I'm now considering another cell phone carrier after all the years I've been faithful to them. I established a new account with my FIOS provider, and they assured me within 24 hours I'd have my outgoing long distance line again. Wrong! 30 days later I was still without. It seems my order sat on someone's desk unattended for a month. After an hour and four operators later on the phone, I was again assured I now had new long distance service and they would "expedite" manually if necessary, the removal of the block on my line. Wrong again! A third attempt was made a day later and I'm still waiting to see if it "took". Many apologies were given, along with excuses, but what rotten service is that??? Our business has grown on service as an essential component. The customer may not always be right, but their opinion certainly carries a LOT of weight at Clean Reflections. We listen, we correct when necessary and more importantly we do everything imaginable to head complaints off at the pass. We screen our maids with national criminal background checks, they are given a personality screening as well to determine tendencies from punctuality to thievery with much in between. It's not foolproof, but at least we have a headstart on getting to know the character of those we hire. We also train on best industry techniques before anyone sets foot in a customer home or business. We take your concerns seriously. That's one reason we affiliated with SERVICE MAGIC who ran background checks on us just like we do our employees. They also required we show proof of bonding and insurance and only then were we admitted into their exclusive membership. Yep, we believe in old fashioned service. Don't believe me, just give us a try. You can check us out on our profile page at too. Click on cleaning and maid service and you'll see us there.