Hate the thought of cleaning?

We all know cleaning is not rocket science, and we all think we can do it outselves, "why hire an outside company to shovel out my dirt?" Yet ... it's the last on the list of "to-do's" for so many of us ... why is that do you suppose?

I'm going to offer some encouraging words. You CAN do it with the right tools and just a little time set aside for the purpose. it really isn't necessary to do it all at once. Of course, if you need it done NOW, we're a phone call away (940-566-MAID).

Let's tackle it from the bottom up. First you need your weapons of choice. We at Clean Reflections use Green Juice an enzyme based cleanser, for most surfaces that don't require dynamite. It literally eats bacteria and most dangerous germs leaving behind a fresh clean, almost non-scent. We pack some grit type cleanser for porcelain, and a diluted version of Green Juice for glass and windows. Then there is toilet bowl cleanser and we bring a pumice stone for hard water buildup if needed.

Now for equipment type weapons: Your vaccuum of choice; a hose attachment is handy for corners,beneath furniture and for the stairs of course; rubber gloves for the obvious reasons plus when used dry, they make a great hair ball remover for upholstery; a long duster; a short duster -- which could be a feather duster but we've settled on Swiffers. They hold the dirt better and squeeze into tight places nicely and they don't molt. Their drawback is expense. You can on occasion find them at the Dollar Store, however. A scraper for melted wax, a small wisk broom and dust pan, a broom and a mop; I recommend a Sh-Mop found at Jeff Campbell's www.thecleanteam.com website. And last but not least, the ultimate microfiber cloth! One for glass, a couple for counter tops and surfaces, and one for the bath.

You'll need a bucket or tote to store and carry all this and an apron (most important) to carry a few of these things in while in action.

I'll give more details on execution next blog. Until then, load your tote and keep it clean!