Do You Have “HouseCleaning” Worries?

Just the other day a woman contacted us wanting to know if has any references because she is very nervous about having a cleaning service come clean her big old house.  We have plenty of very loyal clients that will speak highly of our services & are not going to another maid service anytime soon!  We understand about those “HouseCleaning” Worries.  Here are some  questions or concerns that came up recently in conversation:

“Will your cleaning service come to my area?”
Centrally located in Denton, we go out as far as Sanger, Krum and Flower Mound.

“Can your professional cleaning ladies clean my house as good as I do?”
No one knows your house better than you, so maybe you could clean your house better, but how long does it take and how much is your time worth? Our cleaning ladies are trained and monitored by our experienced cleaning leader professional who has been with our company for a long time.  The  cleaning leader does a quality check to make sure that they “didn’t miss a spot.”  They also keep a checklist & if we do “miss a spot” then we ask that you make a note of it so we can add it to our checklist.  We aim to please and improve!

“Can I trust your cleaning ladies or maids?”
We do very detailed background checks on our employees and if we notice any problems at work, we do drug testing and another background check if needed.  There are many folks out there in this economy looking for jobs and many are lining up to work for a company like ours, but we won’t hire just anyone.  We want to hire the best, those that are loyal, want a good job and care about what they do.  Also, because we send more than one cleaning person, they are a check for each other.  We understand that trust is a big issue and keep trust worthy employees.

“I can hire an individual for less expensive, why would I want to spend the extra costs?”
You probably could hire for less expensive, but because we are a larger cleaning service company, we have the ability to do the back ground checks, the proper quality checks, and have a system that keeps our clients happy & loyal.  There is an old saying, “You get what you pay for!” and in some cases it is a risk you take hiring an individual, unless it is someone you know or has great references from your friends.

Let Clean Reflections answer your questions and give you the cleaning service you deserve.  Anytime…… ask to speak to some of our clients & hear some of our great reviews!

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