Owned by a Woman

I don't say a whole lot about this, but it did take some time and effort to acquire so I thought I'd pass on that Clean Reflections is a HUB certified Woman Owned Small Business. Our fair state of Texas recognizes our company as such and I am indeed proud of the designation. I was a burned out corporate employee 23 years ago looking around for something meaningful and profitable to do with myself when I read a newspaper article about an ambitious mother of five who was widowed too early with no saleable skills. She turned to housecleaning since she was more than familiar with it and it made sense to her. At the time of the newspaper article she was reaching out to help others who wanted to do the same. I called and attended her meeting and launched a surprising new career. My husband joined me a year later and we've never looked back. We've worked with and for a colorful variety of people along the way and have gathered a substantial number of stories.

We cleaned for one couple for instance, for 21 of those years traveling with them through retirement, their move to a smaller home, various hospitalizations, the death of the husband and ultimately the wife's move to a retirement home. We miss her on the schedule but feel blessed to have been her trusted visitor twice a month for all those years.