Could women learn to be better cleaning techs from men’s cleaning ways?

Sure, why not?  Have you seen men clean their boat or cars that they care about?  We found this article that suggests that women could learn a thing or two about improved cleaning techniques from men. Clean Reflections in no way implies that men are better cleaning techs than women, in fact, we think that we all can learn to improve our cleaning skills from each other, men & women alike!!

In this cleaning tips article, there are many quick tips we found quite helpful.  For example:

Shine a Shower
Men are resourceful when it comes to cleaning products. “Wipe your shower walls with car wax to prevent soap scum from building up,” says Steve McQueen, a Merry Maids cleaner in Roswell, Georgia. “But you shouldn’t do it too frequently. Once a year does the trick.”

Make Glass Gleam
Forget paper towels. There’s a reason guys at the gas station use squeegees. “They’re the best tool for windows, mirrors, tile and shower doors,” says Steve Zeitler, cofounder of the Citra Solv natural cleaning products company. One to try: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee ($12.99)

Unclog a Drain
A few bucks is all it takes to fix this problem. “A $7 tool called the Drain Claw  removes hair from the drain with a simple push-and-twist movement,” says Lou Manfredini, host of the national TV show House Smarts. Bonus: no harsh chemicals down your drain.

There are many more “men cleaning tips” to choose from in this article. Go give it a read and let us know on what you found most helpful.  “I don’t know about you, but I will be shining my shower and purchasing a Drain Claw very soon!”