Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Techs

Most everyone knows that good, trust worthy and loyal cleaning techs or janitors are hard to find.  Once you find an office / business cleaning company that you can trust and do a good job every time….. hold on to them.  It is probably a good idea to tip them from time to time so that they feel appreciated and valued!  Speaking of TIPS, here at we have some cleaning tips we teach our cleaning techs so that they will be asked back every time.

  • Always have a check list and check it twice.  Cleaning while paying attention to details will always impress the client.
  • Don’t ask for tips or circle “gratuity appreciated” on the check list or thank you note you leave for the customer.  Some clients will not tip in the $$ sense, however, can afford to put in a good word for you and help grow the business.  Staying busy and increasing the client base is just as important.  A non tipping client is better than no client at all!!
  • Take some pride in what you do.  Show that shine not in just your counter tops, but on your face too.  A smile will go along way.  Leave a nice note and a nice signature.
  • Remember where things go.  Some of the best cleaning techs put things back exactly how they were in the first place.  Take a moment to visualize the space so that it can be recreated after cleaning.
  • Do not leave anything behind.  Make sure to grab all cleaning equipment such as wipes, rags, spray bottles, buckets, vacuum and mops.  Include “remove all cleaning equipment” with a list of items on the check list so that everything looks in more order than when you arrived.  Especially make sure to not leave any personal items behind.

There are many other “cleaning tips” that we know have developed over the years.  What are some cleaning tips that you follow that make you a top cleaning tech performer?

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