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Owned by a Woman

I don’t say a whole lot about this, but it did take some time and effort to acquire so I thought I’d pass on that Clean Reflections is a HUB certified Woman Owned Small Business. Our fair state of Texas recognizes our company as such and I am indeed pr… Continue reading

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Maids, Cleaning TECHS, Janitors wanted in Denton and nearby areas

CLEANING TECHS needed days in Denton. Low stress. Tips. Contractor pay, partner potential. Required: available 8-5, fluent in English, reliable transportation, valid drivers license, phone, background check. Call for email & application.   Call (972) 998-9789 for YOUR CLEANING LADY … Continue reading

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How Often Should You Clean?

I ran across this by Mandi Rogier, an eHow Contributor which you might find helpful if you wonder why your home isn’t looking it’s best.House cleaning is an important chore that can keep your home beautiful, livable and sanitary. By maintaining a regul… Continue reading

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Hate the thought of cleaning?

We all know cleaning is not rocket science, and we all think we can do it outselves, “why hire an outside company to shovel out my dirt?” Yet … it’s the last on the list of “to-do’s” for so many of us … why is that do you suppose?I’m going to offer… Continue reading

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Quickie Cabinet Clean Up

This from the Family Handyman: To remove that greasy build-up that collects on kitchen cabinets, heat a damp microfiber cloth in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds (this will loosen baked on dirt in the microwave as well!). Put on a pair of gloves, spr… Continue reading

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The Red White and Blue

I bought a new flag this year, placed it on a pole in front of our office window on Flag Day in June and I light it up every night as proper flag protocol dictates. I’m so proud of what it stands for … the men and women who have fought and even died… Continue reading

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The Magic of Service

My daughter (also a business owner) and I were lamenting the fact that service in business seems to be a dying practice. For instance, my office phone line was slammed about three months ago by a carrier that provides my cell phone service. When I call… Continue reading

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Earth Day

Saturday April 17th is Earth Day! What enterprising person thought that up? And how far we’ve come since Colombus’ day in 1492. Back then we thought we’d fall off the earth if we wandered too far from home. Now we celebrate it in all it’s roundness whi… Continue reading

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Spring has definitely Sprung

I heard from our daughter in Idaho today that it is SNOWING there! Not so in Texas … at least for two weeks now. We did have a strangely late snow for one whole day in March and that was after some of the shrubs and trees had started putting on buds…. Continue reading

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Hearts and Flowers, Puppies and Kitties

We just passed a sweetheart’s celebration … Valentine’s Day which I’ve always enjoyed. It’s another opportunity to correspond with those dear friends we didn’t get to at Christmas for one thing. And this year my sweetheart gets extra points for remem… Continue reading

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