We specialize in carpet cleaning with double strength Encapsulant!

cycsOur cleaning techs use a carpet cleaning solution with double strength encapsulant. Contact us to schedule a carpet cleaning today!

For busy customers who don’t have time to wait for carpet to dry from traditional hot water extraction, encapsulation cleaning with Matrix Double Strength Encapsulant is an ideal solution.

Encapsulation cleaning is a low-moisture, interim maintenance method that yields great-looking, clean carpets in less time and for less cost.  This method, designed for commercial maintenance only, is ideal for businesses that do not have time to wait for carpet to dry from traditional hot water extraction. This process allows maintenance companies to provide a continual high level of appearance at a lower price than other methods while generating high levels of productivity. Although traditional hot water extraction cleaning must still be performed from time to time to get a deep-down clean, encapsulation cleaning helps prolong the time in between cleanings.

Matrix Double Strength Encapsulant works by attacking all soils commonly found in carpeting. The encapsulation chemistry surrounds each soil particle and then dries to a brittle crystal that is easily removed by subsequent dry vacuuming.